Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2 - Review

I'm not going to go through the in's and out's of how a Clarisonic works, you all know the deal, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if you're sick of reading about it, but if you're looking for a negative review, you're in luck!

I'd been wanting to try the Clarisonic Mia for over a year, but the ridiculous large price tag had put me off for a while, until I bit the bullet just before Christmas and whacked it on my credit card (I cannot save!).  I was so excited for it to arrive, but also worried because I'd read the awful reviews about how it had wrecked people's skin for months and the purging phases, etc etc. It came with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so I knew I could return it if I wasn't 100% satisfied.

My first reaction, honestly, was that I was totally underwhelmed. I don't know what I expected, but for £130 I was definitely expecting at least a much better travel case, not the rubbish piece of plastic that you get that they claim is a "case", its not, its just plastic! I was disappointed from the start, but still had high hopes of the results.

I was surprised during the first week that I didn't have any major spots. I noticed a few on my chin(s), where I never normally get them, and a few on my cheeks, but not enough to make me be like OH MY GOD CLARISONIC YOU'VE RUINED MY SKIN, so I perservered.
After about a week of using it, I realised that it actually felt quite harsh on my sensitive skin, but only on some days, and if I applied my hydraluron serum straight afterwards, it felt like burning on my skin! I thought this was odd, but put it down to my skin having a rough day. But I noticed that it kept happening, which didn't happen if I applied the serum without using the clarisonic before.

I noticed that the spots on my chin were getting worse and worse, but I put it down to a "purging" phase and carried on. Then I noticed that I was getting red rashes on my cheeks, which I never normally suffer with, so it was not going well. I was hoping for brighter skin and a better all over texture, but I was just getting sore cheeks and a spotty chin. I thought that the spots would start to clear up, but they didn't, and it just started to get worse.
I stopped using this after around 2 months of use, and my cheeks went down immediately. The spots on my chin(s) however, are still there, and despite me leaving them alone and not picking at them, they have scarred. Not what I was hoping for,

I decided to return it to SpaceNK, and I got a full refund.

In hindsight, even though I was using the "sensitive" brush head, my skin is just too sensitive for it to be used daily, or even just a few times a week. I thought about keeping it for just using maybe once a month, when I needed a deeper cleanse, but for me, £130 was just too much for a product that I wouldn't miss using.
My skin isn't even that sensitive, I'm fine with most products, its rare that I get a reaction (apart from Cleanse and Polish, I'm looking at you Liz Earle!!!), so I was really disappointed overall to have to send mine back.
But the spots, rashes and sore cheeks just weren't putting up with!

Have you tried the Clarisonic? How did you find it? I'm gutted it didn't work for me!

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