Tuesday, 27 November 2012


AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAH (to the tune of Kaiser Chief's Ruby, yes I have a lot of time on my hands tonight, don't judge).

I was an Essie virgin until about a month ago. And I know I keep banging on about this but I really do live in rural west Wales so there's not exactly a beauty mart or well-stocked Selfridges here for me to nip in to, my nearest Essie stand is 40 minutes away!

After seeing Essie mentioned almost religiously on my favourite beauty blogs such as Kate, Anna & Sarah, I knew it wouldn't be long before I bit the Essie bullet. I was visiting my boyfriend in Oxfordshire a few weekends ago and I saw an Essie stand in the Banbury boots, and before I knew it, there were 3 Essie polishes in my basket. They were on 3 for 2, so it would have been rude not to!

I suffer from the dreaded chipped nails, and I always struggle to find a polish brand that lasts well on my nails as a result of this. Nails Inc is basically shite on me, I don't even bother with brands like 17 & Natural Collection, and Barry M is a joke. I'd heard good things about Essie so I was eager to try. The first shades I picked up were Too Too Hot, Lovie Dovie & Jamaica Me Crazy.

It escalated from a small purchase of this;

to a purchase of this;

and now I've added these;

so the final collection is this;

(sorry for the poor picture quality, they are iPhone pictures with a bit of terrible instagramming!)

Its a love affair that I don't think will stop, and I can see myself adding shades everytime the opportunity arises! This product is also worth a mention as its really increased the wear-time on my nails and I've noticed that its helped my nails too, and its the Essie Nail Polish Base Coat - All In One Base which is £8.99.

I think I've rambled enough about essie now, and if you've been a user for years I'm sure this really was a dull post, so my apologies!


Monday, 26 November 2012


Firstly sorry for the awful iPhone picture, I've lost the cable for my DSLR and I've just ordered another one!

MAC F&B, Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Dior Amber Diamond, Estee Lauder DW concealer (sample), NARS the Multiple in Orgasm, Collection waterproof liquid eyeliner, Revlon eyelash glue, Dior Eye Show in 002 White Light Disco for the inner corners of my eyes, Tweezerman tweezers, Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in extreme black, Benefit Posie Tint for my lips.

This week has been one of those annoying week's where you have run out of your go-to foundations and you have to use the products you have left in your "stash". I had loads of MAC F&B foundation left, which I hate to wear on its own, and some Chanel Perfection Lumiere which I just wasn't impressed with by itself. It is NOT long-lasting at all on my face, which is one of its key selling points so I was really disappointed. I've been mixing them together (beauty no-no apparently??) and surprisingly they seem to work well together and give a nice finish and better longevity. Bronzer wise I've been switching between my NARS Laguna (which is almost empty sob sob) and MAC MSFN in Give Me Sun, which is basically the "essex" shade according to the MUA in the store, and I LOVE it. Highlighter has been the standard Dior Amber Diamond which I've been using for a year now and still is going strong! I've been whacking on some Sarah & Nadine GA eyelashes on top as I always do (and yes two pairs, Sarah's for volume, Nadine for length). Espresso for my brows (although I find it is a bit too red-toned).

Next post will hopefully include new skincare bits and newer make up!


UTan - Ibiza Extreme Dark Lotion

I have tried many, many fake tans. I loved St Tropez Dark Lotion but then I tried this.... just to be cliche its definitely my HG fake tan!
Lasts well, is a gorgeous colour and applies much better than the others! I bought mine from Debenhams and there are always so many in store, I don't know if my town just hasn't cottoned on to how good it is but I am not complaining! More for me!
It is a very dark colour when applied, and I had to exchange my first bottle because the squirty bit (technical term there) that pumps the product out was faulty, but after that my second bottle was brilliant!
100% recommend, such a lovely colour, brilliant longevity, and fades really well!

UTan comes in different colours and formulations, from lotions to mousses, from gradual tans to full-on dark tans (my choice!). It is currently on offer on the Debenhams website for just £21.37, down from the usual price of £28.50 so I'd get in there if you're interested whilst its cheap! Link!


Neglected blog!!

I have definitely neglected this blog for too long, but I have been so busy recently, constantly working or travelling so I haven't had any time at all, but I've got more time now and I've got two weeks off for Christmas so I will definitely have more time now! 

I've had a bit of a spree this month (does anyone else have massive sprees before Christmas?? What is wrong with me!) so I actually have loads of products that I will be reviewing on here in the coming weeks! I have actually spent an excessive amount but I did need most of it as I was running out!

Clothes wise, recent purchases include;
  • this Zara bag (I was in love the minute I saw it),

  • this Topshop duffel coat, (which is a lot nicer on and is so cosy!)

  • this Joules wax jacket,

  • this topshop jumper (jumper and necklace in one, WIN)
  • this River Island tweedy-type pink peplum top which I think will be perfect for my work christmas party which is coming up in two weeks! I'm so over dresses as I hate my legs at the moment so will feel much better squeezing them into jeans! ha! 

Cosmetics wise I've just been ridiculous and I've bought a Clarisonic Mia 2, Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, Hydraluron, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and literally about 15 Essie polishes, no joke!

Now its actually 4 weeks to go I've cut the spending and surprisingly enough I've almost finished my christmas shopping! Just waiting for my annoying younger brother to decide what he wants! This is unheard of for me but I had a few sick days off work so I managed to get loads done then!

Anyway I just wanted to check in as I haven't completely forgotten, and I will be back posting frequently soon!