Monday, 26 November 2012

UTan - Ibiza Extreme Dark Lotion

I have tried many, many fake tans. I loved St Tropez Dark Lotion but then I tried this.... just to be cliche its definitely my HG fake tan!
Lasts well, is a gorgeous colour and applies much better than the others! I bought mine from Debenhams and there are always so many in store, I don't know if my town just hasn't cottoned on to how good it is but I am not complaining! More for me!
It is a very dark colour when applied, and I had to exchange my first bottle because the squirty bit (technical term there) that pumps the product out was faulty, but after that my second bottle was brilliant!
100% recommend, such a lovely colour, brilliant longevity, and fades really well!

UTan comes in different colours and formulations, from lotions to mousses, from gradual tans to full-on dark tans (my choice!). It is currently on offer on the Debenhams website for just £21.37, down from the usual price of £28.50 so I'd get in there if you're interested whilst its cheap! Link!


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