Thursday, 17 January 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

After seeing all the blogging hype around this product within the last year or so, I finally caved and bought it, as my hair needs some serious TLC at the moment (hence all the hair-related posts!). I paid £12.25 through Feel Unique, and although I think this is quite a lot for a hair mask, I did see the difference after use, and I will hopefully use it as weekly thing.

I have really long hair, not as long as Anna, but I'd say at least nipple length, so I found that I almost had to use half a tube to get it all the way through my hair. I saw a quote from one hairstylist who said "You only need a 50p sized amount"; and to her I say, LIAR. There is no way I would get that through the ends of my hair, let alone the rest of it! I'm going to hopefully use less of next time and try to work more through the hair, as £12.25 is quite a lot for only two uses!

I tend to apply just a bit further up from where I would apply conditioner, but not directly to my roots at all because I have really oily roots, and I don't think that this would help at all.

Generally, when something is massively hyped and I jump on the bandwagon, I am massively disappointed, but I'm pleased to (finally) that this wasn't the case with this product! My hair was so smooth and silky, and noticed a massive difference.

I will definitely be repurchasing this, and its a massive thumbs up from me!

(Sorry for the crap quality of these photos, I will use my DSLR again after the next couple of posts, promise!)

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