Friday, 7 December 2012

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I live nowhere near anywhere that does Laura Mercier so I had to rely on the make-up alley reviews and make up swatches on google to determine my shade, by Medium Ivory is a good match for my NC25 skin.

I really wanted to love this foundation after reading so many rave reviews about it, and to some extent, I agree with what is said. It is definitely highly pigmented, and a little does go a long way.

For me however, using a pea-sized amount just didn't feel right and I used to whack more on, but this was a massive mistake! If I used more than that, it really sunk into the lines around my mouth, and as a 23-year old I don't exactly have noticeable lines! This actually really put me off the foundation, as I noticed that during the day it was settling in to the lines on my face, either underneath my eyes or around the sides of my mouth, and all day long I was constantly rubbing it in.

I wasn't too keen of the finish on my skin; immediately after application it looked lovely, but then 6-7 hours later it just aged my skin and made me look so much older! It really clung to the dry patches on my face (I have combination skin), and I'd never noticed they were there until I started using this foundation. After using it for two weeks, I was concerned. I really wanted to love it and I just wasn't sure.

It didn't seem to work well with my MAC 187 brush either, but I bought the Real Techniques core collection the other day, and it was much better with the buffing brush.

Despite this, I have had loads of compliments on my skin since I've started to use it, so I will use it until it runs out, but I doubt I will repurchase. Wearing the LM Radiance Primer underneath definitely made a difference to the dry patches on my face, they were not as noticeable, but I just wasn't keen on the finish it left on my face.  I would definitely avoid this if you have dry skin, and I realised that after reading a lot of reviews, the people that love it are on the oilier side.

Thumbs down from me!

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