Friday, 7 December 2012

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

 On the hand;

 Rubbed in;

I am constantly searching for the "luminous" look at the moment, so when I saw this on the SpaceNK website, I thought I would give it a go as I love a primer, so a highlighter and primer in one seems like a win!

I really liked the colour when I first put it onto my hand, and although I'd read some reviews that called it pinky toned, I would call it more peach, as you can (sort-of) see from the photo above. I used it like I would use any other primer, after my serum and moisturizer, yet before my foundation. I think you could also use this product on the cheekbone area and the cupid's bow, as it is similar to Benefit's High Beam, but in a thicker consistency. After applying it to my face, I loved the way it looked. My skin was instantly brighter and looked glowing, but in a nice way. It made a small difference underneath my foundation, but I wouldn't say that it was a major change. It definitely made me feel better about my skin after use, and gave me a little boost for that day.

In terms of its highlighting properties, I'd give it a massive thumbs up. But in terms of being a primer and improving the longevity of my make-up, I'm really not impressed at all. I LOVE the smashbox primer, and the MAC one, and this really did not make any different to the wear and tear of my make up. In comparison to my normal primers, in short, it is terrible. Benefit's the Porefessional is a lot better. It highlighted, yes, and made me look more glowy, but seeing as it was designed as a primer, I am disappointed. You get a massive tube, 50ml, and I know it will last me quite a long time, as again you only need a pea sized amount, but in terms of being a good primer, it was, to quote my teenager brother; "a massive fail". Its basically a highlighter, and I think I will try it over my normal primer next time, as a highlighting step.

I actually only own two LM products at the moment, and if I'm honest, I've been disappointed by both! I've heard really good things about the secret camouflage concealer, so I'm hoping to try that after Christmas and hoping that it changes my opinion of the brand, as I feel so let down!

Sorry for the two consectutive negative reviews, but I hate it when people lie about products and I'd rather read an honest review personally! I would probably purchase this again as a highlighter, but as a primer, in short, its pants.


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