Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I thought I would do a little post about the blogs I am currently loving, it's always nice to discover blogs and these are definitely some of my favourites!

One is a fashion-music blog, and it's by my good friend Robyn. (She's a babe).  She's one of those girls who is totally into music that I'd never EVER want to show her my spotify playlists (spice girls and taylor swift are recent listens!), she's actually a music journalist and she's basically super cool, and SO nice too! I met her through twitter and blogging and we actually met up in June and she was so nice (and FIT).

Robyn's blog is;

The other is one I discovered fairly recently, and its called "Product Doctor" by the lovely Nisha. She's so lovely, I've tweeted her a few times and she always replies which is so nice! She has a lovely mixture of make-up and fashion posts, and its such a good read I'm always surprised she doesn't have more followers!

 Nisha's is

Nisha showed us her make-up collect in one of her recent posts and I was drooling THE WHOLE TIME. Massive make-up envy, and I need those muji drawers in my life!!

The last one is City Girl Fashion Box, by the lovely Sarah!

Sarah is bloody hilarious and her tweets make me laugh so much! I love her blog because she blogs about topshop make up in an equally casual manner to her mulberry handbags and Marc Jabobs bits! A really good read, seriously witty but also serious knowledge, such as when the Topshop sale is about to start, which is obviously a serious topic!!!

(image credits go to Robyn, Sarah & Nisha respectively, I hope they don't mind me borrowing them!)

All highly recommended, give them a read! In other news, I am currently obsessed with this awful Korean rapper called "Psy" that one of my friends posted on my facebook timeline the other day, the song is an accquired taste I think its safe to say but the video is hilarious, check it out!


  1. Oh babe your too sweet! I secretly love a bit of Spice Girls too, Rihanna and Beyonce are big favourites ;) xxxx

  2. AAWWH i literally landed and saw your tweet at 2am this morning and it made my day :-) thank you ever somuch for your sweet words! xxxxxx


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