Monday, 10 September 2012

Recent Purchases - September

I haven't posted in so long, I've just been super busy with my boyfriend finishing at Sandhurst (miltary academy) and having loads of events (non-blogger related, i wish!) to go to, and these two months have basically flown by! I've been trying to be to really good and not spend much (there were days when my paycheque flew out of my account in the first week!), but I have a serious problem with spending. This month I actually have been very restrained, but saying that its only 10 days in so maybe not. #awkward

This is a mixture of clothes and beauty, although I have managed to sneak two samples from John Lewis which I will be reviewing in separate posts. (Cheers to the guy at the NARS counter at John Lewis in Cardiff who didn't write the shade on the bottle and gave me a patchy face).

Please excuse the image above, I have no idea how everyone does their super-cool posts where they bash everything together.... I think its photoshop, which I don't have and have no clue how to use! Still learning and actually remembering to blog!

1. Zara Office City bag £49.99
2. Estee Lauder Take it away make up remover £21
3. Topshop Ponte Blazer £40
4. Zara Parka £89.99
5. Matalan loafers £14
6. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £34

I paid £40 in total for the foundation and delivery (vomit), I hate living so far away from everything! I felt a bit sick paying £90 for the Parka but after seeing my favourite bloggers ever Nikki and Marianna wear theirs I justified it, and it will last, right?? Then, on my first outing wearing it, my boyfriend piped up with "its a bit chavvy isn't it?!". Always helpful and constructive!

Anyway I think that's enough rambling for now but I just wanted to get back into it, sorry for such a ramble-y post!I hope everyone is having a good week so far, I can't believe its only Monday, the weekend flew by!

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