Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn Wishlist

These are the things that I have wanted for a while, but as autumn is my favourite season (yep, take that bikini lovers) they have a distinctly autumnal-feel. 

1. Hunter Wellies - A traditional staple, I've been eyeing them up since I was about 16! I reckon that if I bought these I would actually bother to make the half-hour walk to work instead of the 5 minute drive, and I would actually walk my dog in the local museum / park... I'd HAVE to show them off, obviously! Currently torn between the matte or gloss versions, thoughts?


2. Clarisonic MIA - I'm a blogging sheep, which is already demonstrated by my MK 5055 watch and Topshop Allegras and Ambush boots. (Speaking of Ambush boots, anyone else annoyed that they've been re-released for this season and are £30 cheaper than last year!?) I've actually wanted to try the Clarisonic for over a year now and I'm totally smacking myself that I didn't buy it when I was in the US in April (stupid girl)

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - Its a classic, its an investment, 'nuff said. Some serious saving required for this one!

4. Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation - Seen this pop up on a few blogs and instagram feeds, and I cannot wait to try it, I'm still torn on what I think about Luminous Silk, but more on that on a later date.

5.  Basically anything Demi Lovato is wearing at the moment, I've got a massive girl crush. Her album is currently on repeat on my laptop (don't judge, its good alright?), and I'm totally obsessed. I definitely check her Coolspotters page at least twice a week. (loser alert). Also, she wears loads of Topshop, so attainable and stylish - win! A personal favourite is the blazer and shorts combo below that is from Topshop, but obviously its sold out now (twats).

6. Millicent Back Studded Boots - Topshop, £40. I love them, but no idea what I'd pair them with as I wear mostly black jeans / leggings and apparently you aren't supposed to wear black with navy, but I never follow that rule, soz fashion police.

Again I think that's enough rambling here from me, I was totally lying when I said they had an autumn-feel, my bad! In other news I've got a second, part-time job for the evenings at the moment to fund my clothes habit, and as one-half of a long-distance relationship with all my friends scattered all over the country its nice to have something to do on those free weekends when I'm not seeing my boyfriend! God what I loser I look, pass the kleenex and get the violins out!


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