Thursday, 24 May 2012

MAC Face & Body Foundation

This is a foundation that I've been meaning to try for probably around a year. It kept cropping up... on TV (The Saturdays documentary last year was my initial sighting, and they are FIT so I was keen to try), various blogs and then the direct tweet I received from The Saturdays (again, sorry!) MUA Celena well and truly cemented it! I tried to buy it at an airport, good move, not, as obviously its over 100ml so they didn't sell it. Traipsed all the way to MAC in Oxford, they didn't sell it either for a reason I still don't understand, so finally I ordered it online! I really wanted to swatch it before I bought it, as its such a large amount of product (120ml!) that I didn't want to be left with a ridiculous colour that I wouldn't use. After much research, and aided with Temptalia foundation matrix, I settled on the shade C3. (I'm normally NC30).

Ridiculously enough, when I'm at my palest (casper!), C3 is actually a tad too dark, yet when I've used my beloved fake tan (xen-tan!), it is too light! So what I tend to do is just wear it for work and make sure my hair is particularly large that day so that no-one can see my tide marks! Beauty sin I know, but my face isn't this bad, its just a tiny bit too dark so I figured I could get away with it!

I have found this so difficult to get to grips with! I've tried so many techniques... I've tried the MAC 187, which is my usual brush of choice, and the Real Techniques stippling brush which actually, I was really disappointed in. I might do a review of that at some point actually, as I struggle to get on with it at all!

The best way that I've found to use it is; put loads onto my 187, brush that all over my face to get a good layer on, then stipple it in properly in circular motions with the RT Stippling brush. Sometimes I have to do this with 2 layers as I find that it just doesn't sit right on my skin otherwise!

What I love about this foundation is that it makes my skin look so dewy and luminous for around 2/3 hours afterwards.. but after this it goes SO patchy and feels like its melting off my face, even with a serum and moisturiser underneath! What I find odd with this foundation is that some days, I love it and I can totally see why its Mollie King's foundation of choice. Other days, I HATE it, like today, when my ever-honest friend agreed that it looked really dodgy after a day's wear during the heat of today and a long day at the offce!

So just to be annoying, I'm on the face with this one! If I'm literally popping to town for a few hours, or just hitting the cinema or something or on a short outing, this is the foundation of choice. But for a full day in the office / in the heat, I wouldn't use it at all. I got home this evening and honestly, you know when your make up looks so bad you are HORRIFIED, well I had that, it was patchy, awful and I reckon I had like 10% left on my face!

It retails for £25.50, which I think is actually a really good price as you do get basically 4 times the amount you would for a normal £20 30ml MAC foundation. But saying that, I do use a lot more of this than I would of SFF! I don't think I will be repurchasing though.

I have yet to try it on my body / legs as I know others have, it's not dark enough for me to use instead of fake tan in this particular shade for me personally!

Any other questions / comments please leave below as normal!

Alice XOXO

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