Friday, 25 May 2012

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Again, I only purchased this after I was recommended it by The Saturdays' MUA on twitter. Guilty! But in my defence, I did try 2 sample-sized tubes before I shelled out and bought full size! I just tried to link the twitter conversation but I can't find it now as it was a while ago, annoying!). ANYWAY.

It is a massive tube, its 50ml, so think almost double a standard MAC foundation. Onto the product.
I LOVE the new packaging, I believe it used to be in a thin longer tube, but I much prefer it shorter and bigger, it makes me feel like I've got so much more product, stupid I know but it does! I think this was part of my problem with MAC Studio Sculpt... even though it was 30ml as usual it was long and thin which I just was NAT happy with.

I tend to keep this for when I'm having a particularly tired day, or to be honest, when I look "well rough". Everytime I've worn this I've had compliments on how my skin looks, and I just feel better knowing that I have it on (placebo effect?!). I can really see the difference when I wear it, and if I've had a really knackering week I will use it as a facemask for 15 minutes, which is an alternative use.

The label says to put this on IMMEDIATELY before applying make up... pretty specific as I'm bad and put my lashes on first, before I do foundation, because otherwise I have finger marks on my face where I've put my lashes on and leant on my cheeks! I know people say to use tweezers (bore off luv) but I prefer using my fingers!

In short, would I recommend this product? 100%! My make up looks more luminous and almost glowy, and I just feel better knowing that I don't look as rough as I did when I woke up! Honestly, my morning face is actually dog rough, sometimes I can't even look at myself!

This product retails at £28, and I can honestly say that I will definitely repurchase when I run out! I paid around £23 as I bought it on the plane home from NY, but for £5 difference I don't mind!

In other news, I am loving ASOIAF (sheep, I know)... I'm currently on book 3 and I am devouring it! Book 2 was doing my nut in, I'm a pretty fast reader but 900 pages was wearing me down, seeing the percentage hardly moving on my kindle was boring!!!
Hope you're all having a good week, its friday, THANK GOD, I'm off to Sandhurst to see the boyfriend (he's in his final stages of training to become an officer in the army) for the first time in 3 weeks, joys of a long distance relationship! Have a great weekend everyone!

Alice XOXO

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