Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure - Le Rouge Satine - 85 Coquette

Wow mammoth title there...

The only thing I had ever bought from Chanel prior to my mini-haul at Heathrow was the Bronze Universale, which I'm still in love with after 6 months of use! I was so excited to purchase more, and couldn't wait to use them all.
Normally, before I buy a lipstick, I am very specific in what I look for. Bold, bright colours, good pigmentation and a long lasting time are high up there. I had very high hopes for this lipstick, especially after it was a hefty £20, which I consider to be quite a lot for a lipstick! It normally retails for £24.

I loved the packing, a gold lipstick with black shell. To get the lipstick out, you press the top in and it sort of pops out as shown below!  The colour itself, 85 Coquette, is a satin-y pink with shimmery undertones, and is called "Luminous Satin lip colour".

First impressions - even though I love the packaging, I am really disappointed. As a lipstick, it appears to be a lovely darkish pink colour, but as you can see, it is very different on the lips! It has nowhere near the same staying power as MAC, and compared to Lady Danger and Ruby Woo, it is terrible! I found that it had practically vanished after one drink, and the lasting power even without drinking was shocking. I am just glad I paid duty free price, which was still ridiculous at £20, than the usual RRP!

I really wanted to love this lipstick, I love the colour, its enough that it looks subtle compared to my usual garish colours of Lady Danger and Gulabi, but it is just such a let down!

Alice XOXO

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