Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chanel Chanel Chanel

I went to New York & Washington D.C a few weeks ago with my boyfriend, and obviously on the way through Heathrow to meet him out there I couldn't resist having a peek at the Chanel counter, and with no-one to restrain me I went a bit mad...

Initially I only popped over to buy a replacement of the Bronze Universale, but after getting chatting to the lovely (male) sales assistant / MUA, I ended up having a makeover, which was brilliant seeing as my makeup had already been on my face for around 7 hours at this point and I had yet to step on the plane!
I was with him for like an hour, and he was so much fun! I'm not going to talk you through a list of what he put on my face, because I don't want to bore you to tears as it was a pretty extensive list! 

His version of what he thought the makeover he gave me was to make me look "more natural", my version was to make me less TOWIE, and more fresh faced! I ended up taking away Perfection Lumiere, Bronze Universale, a Rouge Allure lipstick, Le Crayon Levres lip pencil & a Stylo Yeux eyeliner. This totalled to around $171, which was an excessive amount to spend considering my trip hadn't technically started! I don't regret it though as some of the products I'm pleased I purchased at duty-free prices as I wasn't too impressed with them!
I will probably be reviewing these each in turn so apologies if my blog is a bit Chanel-orientated at the moment!

Alice XOXO

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