Friday, 2 December 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover

Ok, so this is a foundation I'd been DYING to try after seeing Lily, Kelly and Hannah posting about it. I loved the packaging, a tube was such a nice change after the nightmare of trying to get the last bits of Double Wear out of the bottom of the glass bottle! If anyone has ever tried this you will know what I mean! The foundation is marketed as "Camouflage foundation", and apparently it covers tattoos and scars. The lady at Debenhams also told me it was waterproof, something I have yet to try! 

The reviews I'd read about this before trying it were absolutely glowing, all raved about its staying power and its "doll-like" appearence. As a full-coverage kind of gal myself, I couldnt wait to try. I always find when you go and ask for samples ever-so-politely at counters, that its really hit and miss. One EL counter (Debenhams) just put a tiny bit of it on my hand and expected that to be enough (thanks love), whilst the ladies at Boots bent over backwards running around trying to find a little jar to put a sample in for me. What is up with that! So annoying! Anyway I digress. 

I was matched with the shade "Medium/Deep", and the only bad thing I'd say to start with is that there are only 6 shades of this available, which is not ideal if you've got basically a really weird face like me. 
Some people think that its not that thick, and that Double Wear is actually of a thicker consistency, wheras others find it like concrete. I (just to be annoying), am probably somewhere in the middle. It is definitely thick, and I found it a bugger to get off last night (three make up wipes!), but you cannot deny its holding power. 14 hours later, my face still looked the same as it had when I had just applied it in the morning.

 I'm not going to go as far as to say it made me look flawless (modest much?), but it was definitely a step in the right direction. The coverage is full and thick, and for someone who normally likes to build foundation, (probably around 2 light layers of Studio Fix Fluid), this only required a tiny amount to achieve the lovely, thick look I love best. On another note, whilst cleaning my MAC 187 tonight, it took me SO long to get the brush clean and product completely out! My sister pointed out that this is to be expected as it is an apparently "waterproof" foundation, but it really was a nightmare! And that was only after 2 light uses of it!

So, final thoughts?

Coverage and staying power - Excellent.
Colour range - Average.
Overall - I found that it really sunk into the lines around my lips (aging!), and accentuated them to a degree that I could not ignore, even though I really wanted to love it! I found that it sinks into any available lines, and for a relatively wrinkle-free 22 year old, I reckon it would look truly awful on anyone with many wrinkles, it just does not do a face justice in that department! But I cannot deny the coverage and staying power, so I really am torn on this one!
I've tried it a few times since, and I think that maybe a thicker primer might help with the lines issue, but for me, as much as I wanted to love it, the accentuating of the lines around my lips and sinking in issue is not a good look!

Alice xoxo

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