Friday, 1 February 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick - Grandest Grape

I had seen these all over the shop but they never really appealed to me, I'm not sure why. I think I just saw it as a massive crayon that would be useless to be honest, and just another fad! I think the price put me off too, I thought £16 for a massive crayon was a bit too much for my current budget!

I have no idea why I thought this, as I'll happily pay £34 ish for a foundation but not £16 for a lipstick?? Anyway onto my thoughts!

I had this is a present from my boyfriend's mother for my birthday. She LOVES them as has 4 or 5 but i'd never really been tempted as i'm more of a MAC lipstick girl! Upon application, I found that it was surprisingly moisturising, and lasted well on my lips, despite my low expectations!

I am really impressed with this, and I would repurchase myself in a different shade for those days when I just want to chuck on a moisturising balm and can't be bothered with a lipstick!

Have you tried these? Any other recommendations?

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