Thursday, 9 May 2013

DIOR DiorSkin Forever Fluid Foundation SPF 25 - Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup

It had got to the point where most of my foundations didn't match my face. They were either too dark, or too dark. Excellent shade choices there by me, not! Even though its almost (!!) spring/summer, my skin is actually at the palest I think its ever been, so a new foundation was in order to avoid the dreaded ORANGEFACEPALENECK look.

I hadn't heard much about this foundation, but I remembered reading the schpiel of it and being really interested, so I took the plunge. I was in fact a Dior foundation virgin until I bought this, I have a cream/mousse highlighter, and the infamous "Amber Lights" highlighter (see photo below, sob!!!), so I was intrigued to finally try a foundation!

I was torn between 010 and 020 shade, but after reading Yu's post I decided to go for 010, as I am super pale at the moment! One thing I will say about this foundation is that it goes a shade darker on your skin after settling, so if you're stuck between two shades definitely go for the lighter one! I'm so pleased I opted for 010 now, 020 would have been ridiculous!

I LOVE the packaging, it feels so luxurious. My only gripe is that when it finishes, I can't get into the bottle to scrape the last of it out, which is a pain. Saying that, I love the frosted glass and navy lid! 

Its definitely a "glowy" foundation. I'd say the finish is glowy, but neither matte nor dewy, just "glowy"! 

Lasting power is excellent, it really does stay in place! You're supposed to "shake" it before you use it, but I always always forget to do that, oops! Its not as runny as Vitalumiere Aqua at all, its just normal I'd say?

I'd say medium coverage, definitely not full but I tend to use 3-4 pumps to cover my whole face (guilty!), whereas some people say they can get away with 1.5 pumps, but I use A LOT!

Definitely recommended!

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