Sunday, 15 July 2012

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

I couldn't wait to try this foundation after reading about it on Laura and Lily's blogs. I had high hopes, especially after reading about its "full coverage".

First reaction - I was disappointed! Nowhere near as thick or covering as I'd expected, and actually I find it works best if I mix it with my Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Make-Up. I bought the shade "10" from the Debenhams website after comparing to my usual NC30 on Temptalia, but in hindsight, I think this would be a good colour if I wanted a foundation for my non-tanned skin, but for (normal) tanned days, it is far too light.

I was really surprsied at the size of the bottle when it arrived, I expected it to be a lot bigger, even though it is the standard 30ml size. One of my issues with this product is that I find it an absolute nightmare to squeeze out of the bottle. I haven't read this issue on any other reviews though, so I think this may just be me being weird!

It is a good foundation, but personally I find I only like it if I mix it. The fact that it is SPF free was one of the aspects that attracted me to it initially as I am sick of "ghost face" in photos. My problem is that there is only one illasmasqua counter in the whole of Wales, and it is an hour and a half from me which is a bit of a pain. I think I will be repurchasing this foundation when it runs out, as I really enjoy the coverage and finish I get from it when mixed. I think I will also buy a different, darker shade for every day and see if that sways me at all or makes a difference, as I really want to love this foundation!

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